😷 Never worn a face mask before? How to wear a face mask, use, take off and dispose

How to wear a face mask ? More and more people in the UK are wearing face masks to protect themselves against Coronavirus.

Many Governments are advising to use face masks, face shields and face coverings when travelling to work, when using public transport, when shopping, at work and when socialising with others.

Many people have never worn a face mask before so many people do not know how to wear them. Follow these simple instructions how to wear a face masks. They show you how to wear a face mask correctly.

These images where supplied by the World Health Orgnisation to educate 1st time face mask users.

Frequently asked questions about Face Masks

What is best face mask for Coronavirus?

The best face masks for Coronavirus are respiratory face masks. They stop the wearer spreading germs to others and also stop 95% or 99% of droplets 0.3 micron in size from other people.

KN95 and FFP2 face masks are commonly used by general public for everyday activities. They are tigher fitting than disposable face masks. FFP3 masks are used in care settings and hospitals.

KN95 and FFP2 masks also come with a value . The KN95 masks with valve are more comfortable to wear for hours. It make it easier to breathe. The mask wthout value can get hot if worn for more than 30 minutes.

You can also wear 3 ply disposable masks - these are looser fitting and only stop the wear spreading germs and droplets to somebody else.

Disposable IIR face masks are droplet repellent (R stands for repellent)

Who can wear faces masks?

Most adults can safely wear a face mask. If you have any breathing difficulties and prexisting conditions check with a GP or healthcare professional to check if they think it is safe for you to wear a face mask.

Children cannot wear adult face masks - they won't fit properly. They can wear children's face shields

More information on where to buy children's face masks

Can I wear a face masks if I have a beard?

Face masks do not work on people with beards and stuble. It is advisable to have a shave before you wear a face mask. They need to tight tight around the mouth and nose.

How long can you use a face mask for?

You can use a face mask until they get wet, dirty or contaminated. Never reuse a single use face mask.

KN95 and FFP2 face masks can be reused as long as they do not get wet, dirty or contaminated. Typically everyday use, going to work, going shopping - One KN95 or FFP2 should last 1-2 weeks if kept clean.

Can I wash a face mask?

You can't wash face masks, they won't work if you get them wet.

Can you wear a face shield and a face mask?

Yes, you can wear both a face shield and a face mask for maximum protection. The face shields will stop droplets going in your eyes, nose and mouth. More information about face shields.

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