Working from home due to Corona Virus - how to work at home for 1st time

Are you having to work at home due to the Corona Virus?

If you need to create an office at home Magic Whiteboard can help. You can quickly install a whiteboard on any wall using Magic Whiteboard .

Magic Whiteboard allows you to turn any room at home into an office or any rooms into a classroom.

Magic Whiteboard allows you to create a whiteboard from a roll, anywhere in seconds.

Simply year off a Magic Whiteboard sheet on a wall, painted wall, window or door. It clings using static and leaves no marks on any surface. See how Magic Whiteboard works

You write on Magic Whiteboard with any dry whiteboard markers, wipe clean & reuse.

Peel off the Magic Whiteboard sheets and reposition on another wall. Roll up or fold the Magic Whiteboard sheets to store. Find out more.